Most social media sites intentionally make it difficult for friends to leave anonymous comments on other friend's posts. Ever wonder why?

On Anofeed, we actually encourage friends to make anonymous comments, especially when they're about you! Intense, right?

About Anofeed

It's a quandary. The most valuable feedback should come from the people that know you best, not from random strangers that have no clue what you're about. But sometimes, your friends struggle to be honest with you because they're afraid of how you'll react.

Anofeed helps those closest to you to be comfortable telling you the truth! We make it easy for your friends to stay anonymous so they can tell you how they really feel about whatever you ask them.

How It Works

1. You write the question.

2. You provide 2-5 answers.

3. You choose which friends to send to.

4. They respond anonymously.

Create An Anofeed

How Your Friends Can Respond Anonymously

  • You must send your questions to a minimum of 10 friends.
  • You'll see your answers but you won't be able to see which friends have responded.
  • Immediately after you send a question, Anofeed permanently deletes any record of which friends you sent the question to. That way no one, not even Anofeed, will ever know which of your friends have responded.

Our Mission

Social Proof: Sometimes, even if you're right, none of your friends will stand up for you because they don't want to offend anyone. On Anofeed, your friends aren't afraid to say when they agree with you.

Self-Awareness: Other times, you're not sure if you're right or wrong. With Anofeed, when you're ready, you can privately ask for feedback from only those friends whose opinions you care about.